Mission Statement

Paper Transition Technologies (PTT) is a company that has immersed itself in the area of Risk Assessment and Action Management as it pertains to an overall SHEQ solution. PTT has developed a world class Health and Safety platform that encompasses Risk Assessment and Action Management. Essentially it is a fully electronic workflow system that encompasses the building, storage and retrieval of either paper based or electronic assessments and action workflows that derive from assessment data. This system not only helps save lives, but is crucial in alleviating any section 54 (Mining) due to the Comprehensive and Immediate access to a shift by shift account of the operational risks that exist at any one point in time.

The system allows any customer who prioritizes health and safety to assess and mitigate their risk control elements across the safety, operational, financial, brand image, or other areas of potential impact with near real-time information


Paper Transition Technologies is a development company that has skills in developing Health & Safety Systems in industrial settings.

We also have an array of capabilities to integrate various adjacent hardware platforms into operational environments which include scanning solutions for digitization and large format printing.

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